What Are Some Goodbye Poems Written for Teachers?


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Goodbye poems for teachers include "Farewell is now old," by Chitra Arvind Mehta, "Goodbye to my best Teacher," by Junaid Ali and "Don't Want To Say Goodbye," by Asha Cook.

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A proper goodbye poem for a teacher states the impacts, values and contributions the teacher has had on a student's life.

In "Farewell is now old," a short poem by Chitra Arvind Mehta, a student expresses his fondness for his teacher. "Goodbye to my best Teacher," by Junaid Ali, is about the passage of time and how quickly it goes by when approaching a farewell. "Don't Want To Say Goodbye," by Asha Cook, is about the impact a teacher had in a student's life, and the support he provided.

"On the Edge," by Kristy Vernillion, a slightly darker poem, details how an attentive teacher cares for his student during a particularly helpless time in the student's life. It shows how concern for one individual can lead to life-altering change.

Other examples of goodbye poems for teachers include "You Told Me," by Imani Miller, "You Touched my Inner Soul," by Dee McDonald, and "A Teacher Like You," by Darby. Aristotle and William Shakespeare also shared words on the value of educators.

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