What Are Some Good Winter Scene Images to Use?


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Whether using a camera or painting on canvas, some of the most popular winter scene images include bare and evergreen trees, snow, ice-covered ponds and people enjoying the outdoors. Skiing, ice fishing, dog sledding and other winter activities are other popular image options.

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What Are Some Good Winter Scene Images to Use?
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The focus of the image might be a single tree, perhaps a massive evergreen, its branches weighted down by clumps of snow, or an aspen with bare stems and branches reaching in every direction. An entire grove of trees can serve as a backdrop for a more animated scene, such as a horse-drawn sleigh plowing through the drifts.

Ice fishing makes a good subject. People either drill a hole, set up a chair and start fishing out in the open or head to their ice fishing cabins that they pull out onto a lake year after year. A frozen lake with these colorful cabins, some with smoke coming out of the top from portable stoves, is an interesting image.

Images of cross-country skiers making their way along snow-covered paths in a forest setting are pleasing to the eye. Changing that image to a team of dogs pulling a sled across the frozen tundra adds a bit more action to the picture. While many wild animals hibernate during the winter, it is possible to find deer, moose and even snow-white rabbits in some part of the country. All of these make pleasing winter subjects.

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