What Are Some Good Ways to Learn to Salsa Dance?

What Are Some Good Ways to Learn to Salsa Dance?

Good ways to learn to Salsa dance include learning the steps, practicing those steps alone or at a club and then progressing to dancing with a partner. While a person can learn steps and practice Salsa dancing alone, a club is necessary to completely learn the dance.

There are two styles of Salsa dancing, the cross body style and the Cuban style. The cross body style focuses on dancing forwards and backwards, while the Cuban style focuses on dancing in circles.

The cross body style uses basic dance steps that are called the Mambo. The starting position for both dancers has the feet next to each other. For the man, the first step is a step forward with the left foot that is timed to the first beat. On the next beat, he shifts his weight back to his right foot. He steps back with his left foot for the third beat and pauses on the fourth beat.

The next four beats consist of a step backward with the right foot, a weight shift to the front foot, a step forward with the right foot and another pause. The woman follows the same steps as the man, except she does so in reverse.

The Cuban style is similar, except partners mirror each other's steps. The style has several variations.

Consistent practice is the most effective way to learn Salsa dancing. For the best results, the dancer should practice steps alone and at a club. Instructors typically have students begin by dancing alone to learn the basics. Students then dance with partners after understanding the basic steps.