What Are Some Good Ways to Access Star Clipart?

Star clip art can be accessed through clip art websites such as MyCuteGraphics.com, ClipArtGuide.com and GraphicsFactory.com. Additionally, About.com provides a list of places that offer free star clip art, as of 2015.

MyCuteGraphics.com provides clip art images of stars in a variety of colors. Some stars are pointed while others have rounded ends. Star clip art colors include pink, black, white, purple and blue. This website also features clip art images of children holding stars and stars with happy faces. Star backgrounds for desktops are also provided.

ClipArtGuide.com offers images of basic stars in different colors such as green, yellow, red and black. Clip art images of stars with crescent moons, Christmas-related stars and six-pointed stars are also available.

GraphicsFactory.com supplies users with clip art images of basic and stylized stars. Some of the stars have faces, while others feature design elements such as tribal graphics and swirls. Images of nautical and shooting stars are also featured. Clip art of stars with more than five points, crescent moons with stars and Christmas tree stars are additional options.

The list of star clip art resources from About.com features websites that offer free clip art for personal use. Stars with five to seven points and a variety of colors are provided.