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Some of the most famous television bloopers were Steve Harvey's Miss Universe error, Shepard Smith's Jennifer Lopez gaffe, Bill O'Reilly's rant and the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" sportscaster. Other notable bloopers from local television include a reporter's fall at a winery and a football fan tackling another reporter.

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On Dec. 20, 2015, television host Steve Harvey announced that Miss Colombia had won the Miss Universe pageant. However, after several seconds of celebration, Harvey stated during the live broadcast that he had mistakenly announced the wrong winner. The pageant had to remove the crown from Miss Colombia and give it to the true winner, Miss Philippines, who was visibly confused.

In March 2005, Brian Collins gave his first sportscast on an Indiana University channel. However, his teleprompter was running faster than the highlights and his script was out of order, which led to his verbal stumbling during the broadcast. At one point, he audibly said "Oh no" as he tried to keep up with the highlights. He tried to end the broadcast strongly with his line, "Boom goes the dynamite," which led to the clip going viral on the Internet.

In May 2008, an outtake leaked from Bill O'Reilly's tenure with the gossip program "Inside Edition" in the 1990s. In the outtake, O'Reilly ranted over the use of the closing phrase "to play us out" in the script he was supposed to read off the teleprompter. After failing several takes, he ends up shouting a profanity at the producer along with the words "we'll do it live." O'Reilly's phrase later became an Internet meme.

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