What Are Some Good Turkish TV Series?


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Popular Turkish television series, some of which also appear on European, Asian and Arabic stations, include "Love Once Again (Ask Yeniden)," "For My Son (Poyraz Karayel)," "The Tide (Medcezir)" and "Karadayi", as of 2015. Whether comedy or drama, each features romance as part of its story line.

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"Love Once Again," a comedy, follows the lives of single mother Zeynep and graduate student Fatih, who pretend to be married so that they will not have to explain their life mistakes to their families. "For My Son" tells the story of a wrongly convicted police officer who loses custody of his son because of his criminal record; after his release from prison, he tries to regain custody while infiltrating the local mafia and falling in love with the mafia leader's daughter. "The Tide," based on the American television show "The O.C.," explores class differences through the tale of poor but honest Yaman and well-to-do Serenay, the young woman whose family takes him in and who becomes his girlfriend. "Karadayi" shares the exploits of the character Mahir as he attempts to prove the innocence of his father, who has been sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit; operating under an assumed name, Mahir begins an investigation with the judge at his father's trial, and the two fall in love amid the danger surrounding them.

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