What Are Some Good Thank You Poems for Kids?

Good thank you poems for kids include "Thank you, thank you is all I can say. You were so very thoughtful in every which way," and "The world's a better place because of folk like you who take the time to do nice things the way you always do." Both short poems are appropriate for thanking someone in a variety of situations.

"A Child's Evening Prayer" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is another good thank you poem for kids; the poem is a child's prayer to God, and the child asks blessings on those he loves. He asks for health and strength for his parents, and that he continues to be a source of hope and joy for them. He asks that his siblings might always love each other, and he ends the prayer with asking God to give him an innocent and grateful heart. By wishing good things on those he loves, the child shows gratitude for the loved ones in his life. Kids can use this poem to thank their loved ones for being a part of their lives.

"My Mother" by Ann Taylor expresses gratitude for everything mothers do for their children. The poet begins with a mother caring for her infant, and progresses to childhood, where the mother cares for her sick child, plays with the child and kisses wounds to make them better. The poem ends with the poet expressing gratitude for everything her mother has done, and promises to care for her mother when she is old. Kids can use this poem to thank their mothers for raising them.