What Are Some Good Sustainable Modular Home Materials and Designs?


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Good sustainable modular home materials include recyclables such as glass, metal and concrete; natural materials harvested from renewal resources such as managed forests; and other manufactured materials made with resource-efficient processing that minimizes waste and reduces greenhouse gases. Modular home designs include the use of movable slabs and prefabricated walls and easy-to-expand floor plans.

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Modular pre-fab home design combines green, sustainable materials with floor plans designed to stack or adjoin units to add living space. While not all modular home designs feature stacked packing crate formats, many have modern footprints that emphasize clean lines and efficient use of space and materials both inside and out. Contractors construct modular homes quickly, even those based on traditional single-family home designs.

Concrete is a popular building material in such designs because it is recyclable and made from easily renewable resources. Often used for features such slab floors, pre-fab walls, counter tops and shower stalls, concrete is moldable to leave access to electrics and plumbing, so contractors can install fully plumbed bathrooms in hours instead of days. Further, both in construction and design, builders use reclaimed metal, wood and glass in many of the same ways to construct pre-fab, modular walls with windows already installed.

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