What Is a Good Summary for Chapter 9 of "The Great Gatsby"?


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Chapter 9, the final chapter of "The Great Gatsby," describes the funeral of the title character, which only a few people attended, most of whom were not actually Gatsby's friends. The chapter closes with Nick's final musings on New York and American life in general, prior to his return to Minnesota.

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Before the funeral, Gatsby's father, Henry Gatz, arrives in New York and goes through his dead son's possessions. Although his relationship with Gatsby had been strained, Gatz now takes pride in his son. He is particularly impressed by a daily schedule planned in the back of the book "Hopalong Cassidy."

Through interactions with other characters who Nick deems to be insensitive, he comes to the realization that the East Coast destroys people's compassion for each other and makes them self-serving. He feels nostalgia for his simple Midwest life and recalls how he felt relieved when returning by train from the East Coast.

On Nick's final night on the East Coast, he returns to Gatsby's house and imagines how the early explorers must have seen America as a land of opportunity and adventure. He compares it to the reality of an American dream that, despite being over, is still being chased.

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