What Are Some Good Study Activities to Review "Frindle?"


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Some study activities to review "Frindle" include inventing their own words, drawing, acting out scenes or pretending to be characters from the book, creating a movie or movie trailer script, drawing a map of the book's setting, creating a collage, writing a poem, creating a timeline, keeping a diary as a character in the story, or writing a side story to the book.

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There are many great ways that students can review the Andrew Clements book "Frindle," such as inventing their own word for an everyday item like "frindle." Students can also study by drawing important scenes or characters from the book, drawing the setting of the book, acting out important scenes from the book in front of the class, or improvising scenes pretending to be characters.

Another great study activity is to have students create the script for a movie or movie trailer based on the book and perform or film it for class. Students may also create a collage that reviews the book using relevant images cut from magazines and newspapers or make a timeline illustrating the book's main events. Finally, students can review the book through creative writing by keeping a diary as one of the main characters or writing a creative side story for a scene or character that is not found in the book.

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