What Are Some Good Stories From Disaster DIY?


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The episode Board and Batten Critters of "Disaster DIY" showcases the story of Deb and Chris, a married couple living in a cottage that has an infestation of furry critters inside the walls. In the episode Sinking Hot Tub, the show introduces the story of CB Ross, whose girlfriend Janice is fed up with him because the front porch of their home floods every time he uses the hot tub.

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In Board and Batten Critters, Chris tears away the siding of the home in an attempt to get rid of the animals, but he is unable to replace the board and batten before the critters return. The show's Bryan helps the couple rebuild before the animals have a chance to reinhabit the cottage.

The flooding has caused the deck to become rotted in the episode Sinking Hot Tub, and Janice is afraid she might fall through when walking on the deck. She calls Bryan to come fix the situation.

Another episode of "Disaster DIY," entitled Little Sister, Big Reno, is about Maya, who is overconfident in her interior design skills, and her older sister Rebecca, whose home Maya unintentionally destroys while trying to make some renovations. Rebecca comes home one day to find the walls and ceiling of the third floor on the ground. Bryan shows up to repair the damage and salvage the sisters' relationship with one another.

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