What Is a Good Sports Haiku?

good-sports-haiku Credit: Darryl Leniuk/Radius Images/Getty Images

The Haiku Poems and Poets site provides many haiku with sports themes. A haiku about kids who love to play football even though it's raining is "The kids love football/ but it's raining hard today/ muddy kids don't care."

A sports haiku about dedicated fans is "Everyone stayed up/ waiting for the final goal/ true fans don't give up." A sports haiku about Superbowl Sunday is "Pizza, chicken wings/ half time show I cannot wait/ don't forget the game!" One haiku that analyzes society's attention to sports but not other demanding issues is "Fans glued to TV/ if only half the time was/ focused on world peace." A sports haiku about competition is "It's all on the line/ everyone takes a big breath/ I love competing."