What Are Some Good Shows on TV Channels From Other Countries?

Some good foreign TV shows include “Top of the Lake,” “Black Mirror,” “The Returned” and “A Young Doctor’s Notebook.” These popular shows represent some of the critical favorites of international television.

“Mad Men” star Elisabeth Moss takes on a very different role for the New Zealand crime series “Top of the Lake,” which focuses on the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old and the ensuing police investigation. Moss stars as a police detective who returns to her hometown both to investigate the case and confront certain dark events from her past.

The British science-fiction anthology series “Black Mirror” plays like a modern “Twilight Zone,” offering up incisive social commentary in a bleak, futuristic setting. Each episode features a different director, different cast members and a different premise, from a terrorist’s bizarre demands of the British Prime Minister to a device that allows users to record and recall all of their life’s memories.

French series “The Returned” is a supernatural drama with a unique premise. In a small French village, dozens of deceased residents mysteriously return to life with no explanation and no knowledge of their own deaths. The show offers an uneasy mix of suspense, drama and horror in an unnervingly picturesque setting.

British miniseries “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” stars John Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe as old and young versions of a Russian doctor reflecting on his life during the Russian Revolution. Based on the writings of novelist Mikhail Bulgakov, the series straddles the line between slapstick comedy and tender drama.