What Are Some Good Scripts for Children's Plays?


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Some good play scripts for kids include "Aesop's Fables: The Musical" and "The Magic Paintbrush" by Gerald P. Murphy and "Impisi" by Clive Essame. These three plays are each about 30 minutes long and have plenty of speaking roles for both boys and girls.

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"Aesop's Fable: The Musical" uses some of the well-known fables as source material for song and dance bits. The play follows a group of mice who set up a trap for a cat but get cold feet, a lion who falls in love and a boy whose chances to become a shepherd are compromised. It is a great play to perform with a big cast, with up to 24 performers needed if not doubling parts.

"The Magic Paintbrush" is based on a Chinese folk tale about a boy named Chen who receives a magic paintbrush that allows him to escape the horrid conditions under which he is forced to live with his mother. This play requires a medium-sized cast, as a minimum of 13 performers are needed without doubling parts. If minor parts are doubled, it can be done with a minimum of 10 performers.

"Impisi" tells the story of a lion who is about to become head of the pride when he injures his leg. He is seen as useless by the rest of the animals except a wily hyena who has other plans for the lion. The play requires a large cast of up to 22 players without doubling parts.

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