What Are Some Good Science Experiments to Try at Home?


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Using gas heavier than air to suspend soap bubbles in midair, making raisins dance with carbonated soda, building primitive electric motors out of magnets, batteries and paper clips and other basic science experiments are all informative and easy to pull off inside the home. The University of Wisconsin hosts a list of easy home experiments for children on its website.

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What Are Some Good Science Experiments to Try at Home?
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Stretching rubber bands rapidly and putting them through other forms of rest and torsion can teach children how motion excites molecules and generates heat. Rubber bands are put through different courses of motion and then touched to the experimenter's room-temperature skin to test effects.

Gluep is a plastic which can be created in the home using borax, glue and water along with simple tools like spoons and cups. The resulting substance is a gooey compound called gluep which can be manipulated to highlight the differences and similarities between liquids and solids.

By setting a hard-boiled egg over the mouth of a bottle and lighting a fire inside the bottle with matches and a newspaper, experimenters can create vacuum pressure and cause the egg to be sucked directly into the bottle. This experiment illustrates the effect of a pressure differential and explores the principle of vacuum, as well as the properties of fire.

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