What Are Some Good Scholastic Leveled Books?

What Are Some Good Scholastic Leveled Books?

"The Marvels" and "Sunny Side Up" are leveled readers that Scholastic.com recommends. Book series offered through Scholastic, such as the Guided Science Readers and the National Geographic series, are recommended by teachers.

"The Marvels" by Brian Selznick is a leveled book appropriate for children reading at a fifth-grade level. The book is historical fiction and includes elements of suspense and mystery. The story takes place between the years 1766 to 1990.

"Sunny Side Up" by Jennifer L. Holm is appropriate for children reading at a third-grade level. Designed like a graphic novel, the book is about the power of comic books helping children cope with problem situations at home.

The Guided Science Readers come at several grade levels. The books feature colorful pictures and easy-to-understand science facts. Titles include "Time to Hibernate," "Amazing Animal Eyes" and "Who Stays in Caves?"

The National Geographic series is set at a higher reading level, though the package does include sight word packs for younger children. The books feature images from National Geographic Magazines and texts with the target practice words.

"Stonewords: A Ghost Story" by Pam Conrad is another teacher-recommended book. Appropriate for the sixth-grade level, the book's genre is supernatural and suspense. The story is about a young girl who befriends a ghost and must try to solve the mystery of the ghost's death.