What Are Some Good Rhyming Poems Written by Teens?


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Some good rhyming poems written by teens include "From A Hospital Bed" by J. Eliza James and "Lazy Teen" by Bradi Nichols. Others are "Dark Poet" by Jay Loveless and "Undead Passion" by Siti Aishah Abu Bakar.

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"From A Hospital Bed" is a rhyming poem written by teenager J. Eliza James about her hospital stay. The speaker of the poem is laying in a hospital bed in an anxious state of mind. She is receiving treatment for a minor injury after she fell off her horse onto a fence. Her parents come to visit her and the nurse brings her ice cream.

All is well at the end of the poem and she learns that there is no reason to be anxious about hospital stays. The poem features a notable tone shift from beginning to end, starting off dreary and foreboding but ending on a relieved note.

"Lazy Teen" by Bradi Nichols tells of a lazy teenage girl named Katy. Katy enjoys watching TV and reading books. She explains that she is writing the poem because it is her homework assignment. The poem breaks the fourth wall in the last line as Katy talks directly to the reader, telling him to go away because it is time for her to watch TV again.

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