What Are Some Good Resources for Free Love Poems?

What Are Some Good Resources for Free Love Poems?

Good resources for free love poems include websites such as PoemsForFree.com, LovePoemsAndQuotes.com and PoemSource.com. The Poetry Foundation also lets users read love poems for free online.

PoemsForFree.com features love poems by Nicholas Gordon. All of his work on this website is copyrighted, but the poems are offered for personal and non-commercial use free of charge, as of 2015. Different types of love poems are featured, such as poems about falling in love, declaring love, anniversaries, apologies and separation. Poems about unrequited love, interracial love and breaking up are also featured.

Love Poems and Quotes focuses on love poems that have positive and happy messages. Poems featured on this website are chosen from entries for the monthly poetry contests. Many of the poems provided by Love Poems and Quotes are exclusive to the site and do not appear on other places on the Internet.

PoemSource.com features love poems from Joanna and Karl Fuchs. This website offers short, long, sad, teen and relationship poems about love. Poems about love for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day and Christmas are also available.

The Poetry Foundation features classic and contemporary love poems by well-known poets. These include poems by E.E. Cummings, Christina Rossetti and William Shakespeare.