What Are Some Good Resources for Lists of Authors?

What Are Some Good Resources for Lists of Authors?

There are many sites that provide various kinds of author lists, including The Internet Booklist, Goodreads, The Famous People and Scholastic. Some different kinds of lists include simple lists of authors and reader-generated lists of favorite authors, either in a specific genre or overall.

As of 2015, The Internet Booklist has two kinds of lists: alphabetical lists of authors, books and series, and lists of each of these by site users' ratings.

Goodreads has a wide variety of lists of both authors and books. Many of these are reader-generated, and anyone may add to them. Users of the site then vote on which are best or worst, and the site displays the results along with the readers' ratings. Examples of author lists include Best First Book by a New Author, Indie Authors Everyone Should Read and Best of Little-Known Authors.

The Famous People provides lists that include links to biographies of great writers from throughout history, both overall and in a variety of genres. Some of these lists range from ancient Greek writers through contemporary authors.

Scholastic provides lists of beloved authors and illustrators of children's literature with links to biographies, interviews and other resources. These lists are primarily resources for teachers, but they may be of interest to anyone who enjoys children's books.