What Are Some Good Resources for Cartoons About Dentistry?

What Are Some Good Resources for Cartoons About Dentistry?

CartoonStock.com and OffTheMark.com are sites where users can purchase cartoons about dentistry. YouCanBeFunny.com and the Columbia College website have free cartoons, though they may be copyrighted for certain usage.

CartoonStock.com is a site that allows cartoonists to sell unpublished work or pieces to which they still own the copyright. Publishers, advertisers, public relations agencies and corporations purchase cartoons from the site. Users can search for cartoons based on subject matter, such as dentistry. As of 2015, the site offers hundreds of cartoons about dentistry.

OffTheMark.com features dozens of dental cartoons. People can order prints of the cartoons. They can also have the cartoons put on T-shirts, canvas bags, mugs and calendars. Cartoons from the site come from the nationally syndicated cartoon of the same name.

DansCartoons.com also has cartoons about dentistry. The cartoonists can even customize the single panel gag cartoons for specific businesses. The cartoons are appropriate for use in many places, including websites, social media and greeting cards.

YouCanBeFunny.com and Columbia College's website both feature collections of cartoons about dentistry. The cartoons come from several resources. They are primarily aimed at assuaging the fear people have about going to the dentist. However, many of the cartoons poke fun at how much pain going to the dentist actually causes people.