Where Are Some Good Reggae Nightclubs?

Where Are Some Good Reggae Nightclubs?

Good reggae clubs throughout the United States include The Baltic Room in Seattle, Blue Nile and Dragon's Den in New Orleans, and The Wild Hare and Mr. Brown's Lounge in Chicago. Miami's Jazid and San Francisco's Skylark are other nightclubs well known for reggae music.

On Monday evenings at The Baltic Room in Seattle, patrons can enjoy Jam Jam, a reggae music celebration and Roots Rock Reggae Dancehall Musical Vibrations with Selecta Element and Mista Chatman. Other evenings bring music from the 1990s and rave music. Only people 21 and older are admitted.

Featuring classic and modern reggae, Dragon's Den in New Orleans boasts music from DJ T-Roy, and Belizaire & Bayou International Soundsystem. On Thursdays, Blue Nile also features DJ Troy, a musician who has opened for numerous major artists, including Modest Mouse and Matisyahu. Patrons must be age 18 or older to be admitted.

Chicago offers reggae and dance hall music with DJ Jah Bigga on Wednesdays at Mr. Brown's Lounge and on Sundays at The Wild Hare. Both clubs only serve guests 21 and older. Mr. Brown's Lounge is a full serve restaurant featuring Jamaican food and music, with dancing starting at midnight.

Voted Miami's Best Reggae Night, Miami's nightclub Jazid offers two floors of reggae music every Sunday.