What Are Good Questions to Ask a Photographer?

What Are Good Questions to Ask a Photographer?

Some questions to ask when interviewing photographers could be on what gear they use and why, what their preferred subjects are and what tools and methodologies they use for post production. The focus of photographer interviews should be on his or her work, their concept of photography and his or her own particular style.

The choice of gear may be subdivided into camera body, lens, filters, flash and tripod. It might even extend to their preferred camera bag and any other gadgets they use. Asking the photographer to elaborate on each of these choices, explaining the individual merits and applications, will result in a more informative interview.

The choice of gear is likely to vary depending on the subject, as is the choice of settings. Photographers can be asked, for instance, what aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus and image format he or she opts for when in the field or in the studio.

Asking for general advice will also make for a good interview. Questions on how and where to educate oneself in photography, or on what the photographer wished he or she knew when starting out, might be included, along with questions designed to find out about the photographer's own professional or creative development.

Also of interest will be the photographer's self-evaluation of their work, taking a look at some of his or her favorite images. Interviewers might also inquire about the photographer's influences.