What Are Some Good Printable Worksheets for Red Ribbon Week?

Websites that publish good printable worksheets and activities for Red Ribbon Week include KidPrintables.com, PreventionPartners.com, Scholastic.com and TheTeachersCorner.net. These websites offer a variety of free drug prevention printables for children in early elementary school through high school.

KidPrintables.com has two printable word search worksheets with an anti-drug theme, as well as two coloring pages. The site also offers bookmarks, pledge cards and printable award certificates for Red Ribbon Week and similar drug-free campaigns.

PreventionPartners.com features several printable coloring pages, including a Smoking Is Unbearable poster with a bear and a Celebrate Red Ribbon Week coloring sheet. The website also offers a list of Red Ribbon Week activities that are arranged by age group. Printable worksheets accompany some of these activities.

Scholastic's "Heads Up" series examines the effects of drugs on the human body through interactive lesson plans, Web activities and printable worksheets. The PDF worksheets combine science, language arts, critical thinking and life skills, and cover topics such as drugs and violence, drug use and survival skills, and peer pressure.

The Teacher's Corner offers an assortment of printable journal pages to use during Red Ribbon Week, including an unlined page with a red ribbon and a lined sheet with a "drugs aren't cool" image. The site also has word search and word scramble worksheet generators that allow users to create printable puzzles using a specified list of words.