What Are Some Good Police Television Dramas?

What Are Some Good Police Television Dramas?

One popular police television drama is "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," which airs on CBS, as of 2015. "Law and Order" is another popular police television drama, and it first aired on NBC in 1990.

Episodes of "Law and Order" typically follow a common format. In an episode of "Law and Order," law enforcement typically investigates a homicide and then the prosecutor's office pursues a conviction for the offender. In another police show, "The Closer," Kyra Sedgwick portrays a deputy chief of police in Los Angeles.

Another police television drama is "In the Heat of the Night." The series began in 1988 and ran until 1995. The drama occurred in Mississippi, where police chief Bill Gillespie and his deputy chief investigated crimes. Carroll O'Connor played Gillespie.

A newer police drama is "Chicago P.D." The show airs on Wednesday nights on NBC as of November 2015. The drama follows the Chicago Police's elite intelligence unit and Detective Sgt. Hank Voight's quest to bring Chicago's most notorious criminals to justice.

"Dragnet" is a popular police show that first aired in 1951. The show became so popular that at one point half of American households watched the show, according to the Archive of American Television. Critics lauded "Dragnet" for its realistic commentary on policing in Los Angeles and the show included portrayal of some of the more mundane aspects of police work, including making phone calls and tediously following up with witnesses.