What Are Some Good Poems for a Sibling Who Passed Away?


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"I Want to Say," by Lisa M. Tate, "The Beach in the Sky," by Kimberly Bush O'Connor and "Brother Why" by Kathleen Kumler are poems about the death of a sibling. Bereavement poems comfort those who are mourning the death of a sibling by expressing the experiences of pain and loss.

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What Are Some Good Poems for a Sibling Who Passed Away?
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Many poems deal with the theme of sibling loss. Lisa Tate's poem "I Want to Say" reflects on sentiments the speaker wishes she could share with her dead brother: "I want to shout 'I miss you' yet knowing I'm too late / So much time has already passed but one thing remains / The thought of you brings warmth to me and that will never change."

Kimberly Bush O'Connor wrote the poem "The Beach in the Sky" in honor of her sister, who died of cancer. In this poem, the speaker imagines her sister enjoying a heavenly, peaceful beach: "I dance in the sun and play in the waves. / I collect seashells as I watch the sunrise and set / All of my days."

"Brother Why" focuses on the suicide of a sibling. In this poem by Kathleen Kumler, the speaker expresses her pain over her brother's actions. She wonders why her brother chose to take his own life and leave his children to cope with his loss: "How can you leave them all behind / All I think about is brother why / All the pain you left behind / All I ask is brother why." Kumler's poem examines the ways that one death can affect many people. Like other bereavement poems, it can help provide comfort in times of confusion and loss.

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