What Are Some Good Poems for Seniors?


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Some good poems for seniors are "My Remember" and "Just a Wonder." Both poems take a humorous look at the pains of aging, such as forgetting things and needing to take pills. In another poem, the "Prayer for Senility," the author hopes to forget about unpleasant people.

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In "My Remember," the poem speaks in first person to say that the person's ability to forget is growing and his ability to remember is broken. The person can't remember where he should be at a specific time or why he walked into a room. When he sees someone he knows, he talks to the person but he can't remember who they are. The person finally jokes that the readers should send the poem to everyone they know, because the author can't remember who sent the poem to him.

"Just a Wonder" talks about needing to take pills in order to stay alive. The author takes one pill in order to keep his heart beating and another pill to stop his hands from shaking. He seems to have a different pill for every color of the rainbow. The author marvels that each pill knows how to do its job.

In the "Prayer for Senility," the speaker prays to forget the people he doesn't like. The author asks for the good fortune to run into the people that he likes. He also asks for the good eyesight to tell the difference between the people he likes and the people he doesn't like.

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