What Are Good Poems for Pastors' Wives?


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My-Pastor.com recommends "To Our Pastor's Wife" by Helen Bush, "A Ray of Sunshine on a Cloudy Day" by Judy Crowe, and "The Pastor's Wife" by Judy Dycus. These poems honor the role that the pastor's wife plays in the congregation.

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"To Our Pastor's Wife" expresses a congregation's gratitude for the pastor's wife. The author recognizes that the pastor's wife makes many adjustments in her personal life and plays many roles in the congregation. She is able to handle almost any situation.

"A Ray of Sunshine on a Cloudy Day" thanks the pastor's wife for her understanding. The author compares the pastor's wife's smile to a ray of sunshine and discusses how it brightens the congregation member's day. The smile is a gift from the pastor's wife to the member and is also a gift from God to the member.

"The Pastor's Wife" describes the pressures that the pastor's wife faces. The congregation expects her to always have a smile and an encouraging word. She must keep the church on schedule, and her time is not her own. Her own problems come second to the congregation members' problems. She carries their burdens and prays for them. The poem ends with the hopeful expression that when the pastor's wife reaches the end of her life, God will have a special place for her in heaven for the sacrifices she has made for the congregation.

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