What Are Some Good Poems to Honor a Deceased Mother?


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Examples of poems that honor a deceased mother are "My Mother My Angel" by Kathy J. Parenteau, "A Daughter's Promise" by Allie B. Quaglieri and "She is Gone" by David Harkins. The poems express grief for a departed mother and convey the qualities she had while she was alive.

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"My Mother My Angel" is a poem from Family Friends Poems. The speaker lost her mother to cancer and wrote the poem in her honor. In the poem, she describes the mother as an angel who once held her hand and wiped her tears away. She further tells of other attributes about her departed mother and moves on to say there will never be another one like her.

In the poem "A Daughter's Promise," a girl promises to go on living life to her best according to what the departed mother would have wanted. In the first verse, the poet expresses a feeling of nostalgia for her deceased mother. She goes on to say that she was her world and her best friend and promises to make her mother proud.

The poet David Harkins, in "She is Gone," expresses a paradox in the situation of a departed mother. He says that you can cry because she left or smile because she lived. He gives the option of taking the departure of a mother positively or negatively. He concludes by saying that you can either be empty and turn your back or choose to open your eyes, love and go on.

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