What Are Some Good Poems About Great Grandmothers?


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Some good poems about great grandmothers include "Great Grandmother, A Beautiful Woman" by Jacquia Lindsay as well as "Gigi" by Derek Chandler. "Grandma" by Cynthia Jerdon is another poem about great grandmothers.

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"Great Grandmother, A Beautiful Woman" is a poem by Jacquia Lindsay about her great grandmother. The speaker describes her grandmother as strong, beautiful and kind. She walks confidently and deals with the problems of the entire family. The speaker wonders how her grandmother still smiles with all the stress she has endured in life.

In the poem "Grandma" by Cynthia Jerdon, the speaker takes her son to visit his great grandmother. The visit reveals to the narrator that the great grandmother's kindness is the secret to her longevity.

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