What Are Some Good Poems for a Great Boss?


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Good poems for bosses include "Poem 2," "Appreciation on Boss's Day" and "It's great to have a boss like you." These poems are written by individuals and hosted on multiple websites for users to access and use as needed or desired.

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"Poem 2" is available on GiftByOccasion.com. The author is unknown. The poem is listed as a thank you for a boss. The website that this poem is on also has several other poems that may be more to the employees' liking. The poems can be used as they are, or the site offers to put them on crystal gifts to be given on special occasions.

"Appreciation on Boss's Day" is written especially for Boss's Day as the title suggests, but the author is unknown. This poem, along with several others, is listed on FundooTimes.com. The site gives suggestions on how to choose the best poem for their particular boss. Every person's exchange with an employer will be different, so the poem desired by the employee will differ for each one.

"It's great to have a boss like you" is a very simple but appreciative poem. It would be a good choice for a group gift. It is also fitting for either male or female bosses.

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