What Are Some Good Poems for a Girl's 18th Birthday?

What Are Some Good Poems for a Girl's 18th Birthday?

Some good poems for a girl's 18th birthday include "Daddy's Little Girl" and "18 Candles to Blow." Additional 18th birthday poems that celebrate the birthday girl's happy childhood and her current character are "It Feels Like Yesterday" and "Your Dad and I."

In "Daddy's Little Girl," the writer reminisces at the girl's pigtails and stuffed animals as a child. He talks about how the girl grew into a strong and capable adult, even though the girl is still trying to find her way in the world. The poem goes on to say that the girl's life is still only beginning. The poem ends by saying that even though it's time to leave the parent's protection and fly, the girl still has her status as daddy's little girl.

Similarly, in "18 Candles to Blow," the author fondly remembers the wonderful years of the girl's childhood. The author calls the girl a princess and asks for the first dance with the girl as an adult. The poem also mentions giving the girl 18 roses to celebrate reaching age 18.

"It Feels Like Yesterday" talks about how the girl's parents held her when she was just a baby. Time travels quickly, the parents say. The poem expresses the parent's love for the child and states that the child is an angel for the parents.

"Your Dad and I" focuses on the parents' pride for the daughter's character throughout her childhood and at the age of 18. The poem says that the parents continue to pray that the daughter makes good choices. The poem ends by wishing the daughter a happy 18th birthday.