What Are Some Good Poems for Your Best Friend?


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Examples of good poems for a best friend include "Friendship," "A Golden Chain" and "Walk A Mile With Me." All three poems celebrate deep friendship from different perspectives.

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What Are Some Good Poems for Your Best Friend?
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Written by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Friendship" is part of an 1841 essay on friendship. In "Friendship", Emerson praises a friend's loyalty and constant presence, describing the good influence and wisdom the friend has brought to Emerson's life. Noting the "world uncertain comes and goes", Emerson speaks gratefully of his friend's contrasting reliability "like daily sunrise", crediting his friend as an important support in sustaining the "fountains of my hidden life."

"A Golden Chain" is a poem by Helen Steiner Rice, a 20th century American poet known for her inspirational poetry. Likening friendship to a golden chain and a "rare and precious jewel", Rice emphasizes the love and memories that bind a strong friendship, remarking on its endurance with the line "Time can't destroy its beauty." Rice also emphasizes the value of friendship, saying an understanding friend is "worth far more than gold."

Written by the American poet and clergyman Henry Van Dyke, "Walk A Mile With Me" focuses on the journey of friendship through life's joys and hardships. Composed of three stanzas, the first stanza speaks of friends sharing happy moments "full of glee", while the second stanza speaks of friends supporting each other through sorrowful times with "eyes to see" and "brave sweet words that cheer the way." The poem concludes by suggesting the endurance of this friendship beyond death.

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