What Are Some Good Poems for Fourth Graders?


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Some good poems for fourth graders are "Bed in Summer" by Robert Louis Stevenson, "When Children Eat" by Margaret Horst Yoder, "Fireflies" by Elizabeth Jenkins and "Who Taught the Birds" by Jane Taylor. "Friends" by Abbie Farwell Brown and "Try, Try Again" by T.H. Palmer are other appropriate selections.

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What Are Some Good Poems for Fourth Graders?
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Additional selections include "Merry Sunshine," "A Bird's Lesson," "Little Things" and "The Wind and the Leaves." "What Robin Told," "Please, Thank You, and Pardon Me," and "Kind At Home" are also popular fourth grade poem choices. In learning about the different types of poetry, fourth-grade students can also learn how to create their own poems. Some styles include free verse, acrostic, limerick, haiku and color poems. More advanced forms include couplets, triplets, narrative, shape poems, bio poems and lists.

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