What Are Some Good Poems About Foster Children?


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There are a few excellent and touching poems about foster children available both online and in print. Perhaps two of the finest are "To My Foster Parents With Love" by Karen Cummings and "For All That You Have Given Me" by Dimitri Shostakovich.

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What Are Some Good Poems About Foster Children?
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"To My Foster Parents With Love" describes an angry and resentful child who had been injured, neglected and was in desperate need of salvation. The poem is written from the point of view of the foster child, who tells the story of how her relationship with her foster parents grew over time and ultimately saved her. The child describes the way in which she initially rebelled against the parents, but eventually grew to love and trust them. The parents are portrayed as patient and loving, despite the child's initial resistance to their love. They showed the child "love and understanding" and "lovingly" took her "under their wings." As time passed and "days turned into years" they began to make her "feel safe and secure." Although they endured "pain and heartaches" at her hands, the foster parents stood "firm and unwavering."

"For All That You Have Given Me" is an ode to the gratitude that a foster child feels for the mother who adopted the child. It beautifully expresses the foster child's desire to return the love that "bound up the wounds" and gave "hopes and passions new."

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