What Are Some Good Poems for Expecting Mothers?


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“A Boy or a Girl” by Regina M. Linn, “Sweet Little Baby” by Christine Michaels and “Sonogram” by Paul Muldoon are good poems for expecting mothers. Poems for expecting mothers often express the thoughts and emotions a mother may experience during pregnancy.

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Many poems addressing pregnancy are lighthearted sentimental works of verse, while others are aimed at a more scholarly audience.

“A Boy or a Girl” by Regina M. Linn is a lyrical poem in which the expectant mother is addressing the baby she is carrying, making sure to let the child know that gender is an unimportant detail to the mother’s overwhelming love and joy.

“Sweet Little Baby” by Christine Michaels is a rhyming verse in which the mother is sharing dreams and questions with the baby she carries. The poem ends with an expression of spiritual gratitude.

Paul Muldoon’s “Sonogram” is a short literary poem in which the poet discusses the sonogram images of the growing child still in the womb.

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