What Are Some Good Poems for Children to Give Their Moms?


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Good poems for children to give their moms are "I’m Happy You’re My Mom," "Mommy, I Love You" and "When Mother Reads Aloud." These poems are suitable for toddler through elementary-aged children.

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The main message in "I’m Happy You’re My Mom" is how much the love and care of the mother is appreciated by the child. It references Mother's Day, but this reference is easily altered by inserting a personal rhyme or by only using the poem's first verse. With sentiments such as "You love me and you show it, so I’m as happy as can be" and "thank you for all you do," this poem encapsulates the gratitude a child has for his mother.

"Mommy, I Love You" is a tender poem that describes the bond between a mother and child. The message is conveyed in lines such as "When I need you, you’re always there" and "Mommy, I’ll love you always." This poem is intended for Mother's Day, but is adaptable by inserting a personal rhyme or by only using the poem's first verse.

The poem "When Mother Reads Aloud" gives the reader a window into the child's imagination while reading with his mother. Vivid images are portrayed throughout the poem including warring armies, jungle hunts, meeting knights and sailing on the ocean. The poem also incorporates how by reading to her child, the mother is instilling moral values such as performing noble deeds and standing up for what's right.

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