What Are Some Good Poems by Allama Iqbal?

Famous poems by Sir Muhammad Iqbal, also known as Allama Iqbal, include the works "Musafir," "Aurat" and ""Apni jaulan-gah." Other noted works include "Insan," "Shikvah" and "Jibril o Iblis." As with any form of art, whether a certain poem is considered good is primarily a subjective determination.

"Musafir" translates as "Traveler" and recounts a journey by the poet to Afghanistan, including a call for the Pushtun people to develop a sense of self within Islam.

"Aurat," which translates as "Woman," was first published in 1936 in the book "The Blow Struck by Moses," and consists of nine shorter poems related to women. Translated titles of the shorter poems include "The Freedom of Women" and "Women and Education."

"Jibril o Iblis" presents a discussion between the title characters Jibril, who is the archangel Gabriel, and Iblis, who is the devil. Iblis speaks the final five couplets of the poem, concluding by mocking Gabriel and the other angels for spending their time simply worshipping God.

Iqbal wrote poems in Urdu and Persian. In all, the poet wrote more than 12,000 verses of poetry, with about 7,000 of those appearing in Persian. He lived from 1877 to 1938, primarily in the Punjab area of British India, which is now part of Pakistan as of 2016.