What Are Some Good Poems for 6th Graders?


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Good poems for sixth graders to read include "Chicago" by Carl Sandburg, "I like to see it lap the Miles" by Emily Dickinson and "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll. Sixth graders can also practice writing haiku to develop their own creativity.

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One poem recommended for grades six through eight is "Chicago" by Carl Sandburg. "Chicago" is a poem with language that is more complex than that of elementary school poetry and is suited to middle and high school students. Sixth graders may find the poem a challenge, but typically can understand it through study.

Haiku, a classic form of Japanese poetry, is a good way to get sixth graders to be creative and write. A haiku is a three-line poem that has five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the middle line, and five syllables again in the last line. An example of haiku by Richard Wright is "I am nobody/ A red sinking autumn sun/ Took my name away." Teaching sixth graders to write haiku helps them learn about syllables, poetry forms and different cultures.

The Common Core State Standards for Reading require students to comprehend increasingly difficult literary ideas as their education progresses. With this in mind, CCSS recommends poetry be integrated into core curriculum at every grade level.

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