What Is a Good Poem From an Unborn Child to a Father?

"Daddy If You Hear Me," by a woman named Julie, presents a touching poem written from the perspective of an unborn child addressing its absent father. The poem contains five stanzas of free verse that express a baby's need for the presence of its father.

"Daddy If You Hear Me" is a user-generated poem available for free on the website, Familyfriendlypoems.com. The author lists her name as Julie, choosing to omit her middle and last names. Her poem is written in the first person, and it describes the tragic situation of a child who will likely grow up without a father figure in his life.

The poem continually details the hardships that the baby and the mother will continue to face without the companionship of a fellow parent. The poem implies that the father figure is occasionally present, but that he remains absent for the majority of the time, causing both the unborn child and the mother to worry about how they will manage without him. Although the narrator of the poem makes it clear that the mother dearly loves her unborn child, it also reveals the importance of a stable household by accenting the child's need for a strong father figure in its life.