What Is a Good Poem About Sisters?


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A powerful poem about a relationship between sisters is Charlotte Bronte's "On the Death of Anne Bronte." This poem is a strong expression of grief and sadness at the loss of a loved one. The poet also shows great empathy for the pain suffered by her sister.

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What Is a Good Poem About Sisters?
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The poem is composed of four stanzas, each which makes the poet's relationship with her deceased sister more complex and evocative. The first stanza opens with an expression of the pain caused by her sister's death and willingness to have taken her place. The second stanza describes the sister's death throes in a physical sense. This stanza also expresses a wish to chase away death and a tremendous show of empathy for the sister knowing that this cannot happen. The third stanza focuses on the moment when the poet's sister passes from life to death. The drama of the moment is both underplayed and aptly accented, with the coming death described as "a cloud" and "a stillness." In the final stanza the poet not only bemoans all that has been lost with her sister's death, but accepts that it is the kind of loss that she needs to bear alone.

Charlotte Bronte is best known as a novelist and the writer of "Jane Eyre." However, she was also a very accomplished poet.

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