What Is a Good Poem to Honor a Pastor's Wife?

"The Pastor's Wife," written by Judy Dycus in 1992, is a poem that highlights the responsibilities involved in the life of a pastor's wife, honoring her for her altruism and strength of will. The poem exalts pastor's wives for their selflessness and absolute devotion to others.

"The Pastor's Wife" is an excellent poem with which to honor a pastor's wife. It focuses on the casual, everyday sacrifices that they make. Due to the uncomplaining demeanor required of a pastor's wife, these sacrifices more often than not go without their due recognition. Each stanza describes a different aspect of the role, with a special focus on selflessness, as exemplified by the line "her life, her time is not her own."

Rather than focusing solely on the pastor's wife's devotion to her husband, as many similar poems do, this poem describes how much a pastor's wife gives to every person in the community. Described as loving, and always with time to listen to the many who wish to speak with her, the pastor's wife is represented with all deserved recognition for her universal kindness in "The Pastor's Wife."