What Are Some Good Places to Download TV Shows for Free?

Archive.org allows users to legally download some classic TV shows for free. The website is a public domain service that features expired copyright material or content provided by the video’s owner. The contributing videos are available for free streaming and are downloadable for offline use. As of 2016, most recently released TV shows are only available legally through digital purchase or online streaming.

Amazon.com provides a variety of TV shows that are available to purchase for online streaming and digital download. The website allows users to purchase entire seasons of a show or purchase individual episodes. The website also provides the option to stream shows on various devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Hulu.com provides free streaming access to some TV shows that feature a few commercial interruptions. Some free episodes are only available for eight days after their original air date. The website also provides access to even more TV shows through a monthly subscription membership.

As of 2016, some websites claim to provide free downloads for many recent TV shows. Most new shows are copyrighted material, and it’s illegal to download the content for free. Some government agencies regularly patrol these types of websites, and getting caught could result in being fined.