What Are Some Good Phonics Songs for Kids?


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Good phonics song for kids include "The ABC Rap," "Dinosaurs to Dinner," "Drawing in the Air" and "Big Bagels. "The ABC Rap" is a rap song that teaches the alphabet to children in an amusing and catchy way. This song by Steven Wilderman also promotes the idea that knowledge is cool and that it gives the child something to show off to his peers.

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What Are Some Good Phonics Songs for Kids?
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A good phonics song for teaching children alliteration is "Dinosaurs to Dinner" by Fran Avni. The song is short and straightforward, focusing on different animals involved in activities that start with the same sound as the name of the animal. In addition to dinner with dinosaurs, the song also focuses on supper with salamanders and brunch with beavers.

Another good phonics song for children is "Drawing in the Air" by Music With Mar. This song helps children learn about different shapes through lyrics encouraging children to draw the specific shape in the air by following lyrical instructions. In this manner, the song teaches children about lines, circles and slanted lines and about how circles can be used to create the shape of a face.

A good phonics song for children that helps them learn consonants is "Big Bagels" by Kelly Good. The song discusses baking bagels and brings in many different words that start with "B" so that children can master many different words starting with a similar sound.

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