What Is a Good Name for a Newsletter?

good-name-newsletter Credit: Swell Media/UpperCut Images/Getty Images

A name for a newsletter depends on the targeted audience. Plumbers might enjoy "In The Pipe," while frequent customers of a garden nursery might prefer "Green Thumb Gazette." The name does not necessarily need to be a pun or joke, but should attract interest from the intended recipients.

If designed for customers, a newsletter name should draw connections to some part of the business. A trucking company could mention trucks, wheels, packages or roads A day care newsletter could mention toys, childhood activities or even playground equipment. While the name should be catchy, things like consistency and a quality layout are ultimately more important. Keeping readers interested in the newsletter does not require the perfect name, but interesting titles and content published at a consistent rate keep the newsletter relevant to both the needs of the publisher and those receiving it.