What Are Some Good Movies About the British in World War 2?


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"Overlord," "Went the Day Well?" "The Imitation Game," "Battle of Britain" and "The Cruel Sea" are all well-reviewed and well-regarded World War II films that focus on British involvement in the global conflict. Of them, "The Imitation Game" is the most recent. The thriller about a British mathematician who helped break Nazi codes for the British Army won an Academy Award in 2015 for Best Adapted Screenplay.

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"The Great Escape" is another beloved film focusing on World War II. Richard Attenborough plays Roger Bartlett, a British officer who is captured and held in a POW camp. He creates an escape plan involving multiple tunnels for 250 prisoners, and he leads a group of 76 prisoners out of the camp. The group then has to make its way through Nazi-controlled territory to freedom, with many casualties suffered along the way.

"The Dam Busters" is a 1955 film about British forces that attack German dams during the war. They accomplish this by inventing "bouncing bombs" that skip across the water until striking a dam, at which point the bombs detonate.

Fans of Clint Eastwood can watch his early work in the British 1968 film "When Eagles Dare," where his character of Morris Schaffer teams with Richard Burton as a British major who leads an Allied team into Nazi territory to rescue an American general in a film filled with twists and turns.

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