What Are Some Good Motivational Stories?

What Are Some Good Motivational Stories?

The story of Ian and Larissa Murphy is a good motivational story. Additionally, the story of Manassas High School football coach Bill Courtney and his team is another one.

Ian and Larissa Murphy met in college and fell in love. They dated while Ian worked to earn money for a wedding ring and imagined the beautiful married life of adventure, deep and happy friendships, children, and growing old together. Tragically, all of this was interrupted by a car accident that left Ian severely brain damaged, in need of a wheelchair and constant care. Ian and Larissa's relationship would never be the same, for simple things such as eating would need to be done with excessive caution.

However, motivated by God, Larissa married Ian in 2010 and has remained with him since. Her life is motivational, for she has selflessly sacrificed many dreams, plans and desires to love her husband, who is severely brain damaged. She now has a popular blog and several popular videos that chronicle their journey.

The story of coach Bill Courtney and his football team also provides motivation. A friend of Courtney's convinced him to coach the underprivileged Manassas team, without pay, at a time when the team had only 17 players and had only won five games in the previous 10 years. He coached the kids who came from abject poverty with love and loyalty, leading them to their first playoff win in school history.

Coach Courtney acknowledges that he would often assume roles larger than coach. He persisted through various heavy trials to be a positive influence in the lives of boys who had not received much in life. The story of Bill Courtney and the Manassas team was filmed and became the Oscar-winning documentary, "Undefeated."