What Are Some Good Mother's Day Poems?


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One example of a poem for Mother's Day is "Super Mom" by Joanna Fuchs. Another Mother's Day poem is "God's Helpers" by George W. Wiseman.

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"Super Mom" is about how moms are always there with patience and guidance, even when children act foolish and are in trouble. It describes how mothers are masters at every task revolving around their children. An excerpt from the poem is: "You're a dependable source of comfort; / You're my cushion when I fall. / You help in times of trouble; / You support me whenever I call."

Joanna Fuchs has many other poems that are great for Mother's Day. They may be used in birthday cards or emails. Another example from her is the poem "Everything Mom." This poem is about how moms somehow have the energy to do everything that is needed. The answer to how a mom does all the things she does is provided in the last couple lines: "Your inexhaustible love, Mom / And I thank you for it all."

Some Mother's Day poems are religious in content. The poem by George W. Wiseman is an example of this. The poem "God's Helpers" is about how mothers take care of children when God is not there physically. It describes how God sent mothers to children to help with numerous things.

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