What Are Some Good Military Thank You Poems?


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"Take A Moment To Thank A Veteran," "Thanks to Them" and "Thank You Troops" are popular military thank you poems. Other military thank you poems include "When You See a Soldier," "Thank You For My Freedom" and "Thank You for Serving."

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What Are Some Good Military Thank You Poems?
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PoetPatriot.com lists many poems about the military that offer thanks for service. The author of these poems is Roger W. Hancock, who, although not a member of the military himself, speaks about his gratitude for the benefits that others' military service provide to him. His poem "Thanks to Them" addresses many phases of military service: "Thanks to them who’s lives begin, Childhood cut short, adults become."

USA-Patriotism.com is an archive of poems about the military by many different authors of all ages. The author of "Thank You for My Freedom" is fifth-grader Sam Murphy. His words of thanks include "Thank you all for helping me, But mostly for keeping America free." Poet Jenny Gane, author of "Thank You Troops," concludes her poem, "A debt of thanks to you I owe and I long to tell you so."

Poet Joanna Fuchs has written many poems at Poemsource.com praising and thanking the military for their service, with a special focus on veterans. Her poem "Take A Moment To Thank A Veteran" includes her reflection, "Take a moment to thank them For protecting what you hold dear."

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