What Are Some Good Magazines for Children?

What Are Some Good Magazines for Children?

Some good magazines for children include Babybug, Cobblestone, Cicada and Ladybug. These magazines offer creative and educational content aimed at younger readers of various ages.

Targeted at toddlers, Babybug features a variety of illustrated and simply written content. Children can enjoy the magazine’s vivid illustrations and take in the written content with the help of parents. Babybug offers a diverse range of content to educate and inspire the youngest readers.

Cobblestone focuses on American history, and its more sophisticated articles make it appropriate for older children. Typically focusing on a specific historical era in each issue, the magazine might highlight anything from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement. Cobblestone helps kids learn about history while simultaneously framing events in a modern context.

For the literary youngster, Cicada offers a variety of poems, stories and comics each month. The magazine offers pieces from established young adult authors as well as emerging voices, and also features essays, interviews and other non-fiction pieces related to literature. Cicada also publishes work from young authors, and readers of the magazine are encouraged to submit their own work.

Ladybug is a general interest magazine targeted at children ages 3 to 8. From dinosaurs to seasonal themed content, the publication offers children a range of engaging articles and illustrations each month. The magazine also features activities, games and poetry.