Are Good Luck Elephants a Myth?

good-luck-elephants-myth Credit: Denny Allen/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Elephants are considered good luck in general, but white elephants are rare, worshipped as sacred and filled with luck. Citizens of Thailand and Burma use symbols of the elephant in their homes for luck and peace. The elephant with its trunk lifted up is the traditional symbol of good luck.

Elephants represent strength, wisdom, confidence and royalty. Buddha used the white elephant as one of his incarnations, making the appearance of a white elephant a symbol of tremendous blessings and potential success.

According to Love to Know, feng shui dictates placing an elephant in different rooms of the home to energize chi. The elephant positioned in a kitchen represents home and heart. Luck with family and friends is denoted by an elephant in the sitting room.

Elephants manifest gentleness and communication. They are deeply committed to their families and can be almost manic in their protection of those they love.